3 Car Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Aside from purchasing real estate, buying a car is one of the most significant expenditures in your life. There are many variables to consider, and things can get confusing and overwhelm you quickly. Getting that new car can become a long, drawn-out hassle and make you swear you’ll never go through it again! By avoiding the following common mistakes, you can skip the headaches and enjoy a smooth, uncomplicated experience.

Not having financing in order before shopping 
The process will go more quickly if you sort out your financing before you start looking at vehicles. You’ll know how much you can spend, and not waste time shopping outside your budget. Often by using a lender outside of the dealership affiliate, you may get a better interest rate or other terms.

Not doing a thorough test-drive to make sure the car meets your needs 
Salesmen typically tag along for the test drive and hurry you through the assessment, while distracting you with their sales pitch. To properly evaluate the vehicle, imagine your daily routine and activities. Drive it on the highway and on back roads; consider the passenger and cargo space. Are the levers and controls easily accessible? A hazard blinker that’s difficult to locate and then operate will only add stress when you need to use this feature. Take all the time you need to do a thorough examination of all the features, and determine how it aligns with your list of wants and needs. It will make you a happier new car owner in the end!

Not being willing to walk away from the deal if it isn’t satisfactory 
Even when you’re considering brand new vehicles, and most dealerships keep several units of each model to display; each with a different color and options upgrades, perhaps there isn’t one vehicle with the exact specifications you require. Maybe you wanted power windows, cruise control and heated leather seats, but the dark red beauty you love doesn’t have the leather seats with heaters. Knowing that you may have this vehicle for several years, you have to decide what you can and can’t live with on a daily basis. You might be happy with either a dark red or a bright red, but orange is definitely out of the question.
Salespeople will be very persuasive at times. Don’t be afraid to walk away if you’re not satisfied with the deal.

Cruising along in a rad new ride is an exciting, happy ending to the buying process. Planning your purchase strategy, having your finances in order, and being prepared to exit gracefully if you’re not getting enough bang for your buck will ensure that happy ending comes with few headaches and minimal hassle.


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