3 Creative Ideas for Using Gallon Buckets

Creating is fun, challenging and open to a variety of interpretations. When it comes to gallon buckets, your imagination has no limits. Here are three easy ideas that will impress your friends and family: Portable art studio, garden caddy, and fashionable wastebasket.

Portable Art Studio

For artists that paint and draw, limited space for their tools is an issue. Whether you use charcoals, graphite/charcoal pencils, or paint tubes, art materials need to be kept separated and organized for easy access. Rather than keeping your art tools in separate boxes, make a portable art studio from a plastic 5-gallon bucket. Get a white bucket or paint one with a touch of extra white Krylon Fusion designed for plastic. The bucket will look like new. Place a bucket boss and use the tape strap that comes with it to attach the 27 or 30-pocket bucket boss organizer to the bucket. It is designed to fit snug and comes in different colors that go well with white. Once you have it set, load the pockets with charcoals, pencils, markers, brushes, paint tubes, glue sticks. Inside the bucket, you can fit sketch pads, drawing pads, scratch paper, rulers, and other art supplies you need. Grab the handle and carry it anywhere you want.

Garden Caddy

For those who love to plant flowers in their garden, a garden caddy is a great idea to keep all your tools at hand. Rather than carrying a heavy soil bag, a garden caddy can also keep the soil. Begin by filling the bucket with soil close to the top of the bucket. Stop an inch off the top. Next, pick a garden apron and tie it around the bucket adjusting it as you tie the string around. Once in place, you’ll have a pretty apron with six pockets you can fill them with the gardening tools you need. The pockets are deep and wide providing plenty of storage space for plant and flower seeds and gardening gloves.

Fashionable Wastebasket

If you want to decorate your home or office, decorate a gallon paint bucket into a stylish waste basket. Begin by removing the handle. Then, take your favorite fabric, cut it twice its diameter and two inches higher than the bucket. Double fold the top and bottom edge of the fabric and press it flat with a hot iron. Using a hot glue stick, press the glue against the fabric creating a 5-inch sticky short rectangle. Place the fabric against the glue and press it with the popsicle stick. As you press down, push the fabric back creating pleads. Once you are done, tuck in the remaining fabric and glue it together.

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