3 Key Benefits Of Customized Military Coins

Every organization has its rituals and tokens that help to cement links between those in the organization. Those rituals and tokens stress that the members of that organization share a common bond, and by stressing the bond help to cement the ties that bind those people together, creating a stronger organization. Various armies and military groups have used challenge coins to act as a way to demonstrate belonging, and by doing so the soldiers of those units have been brought together in ways that they probably would not have in any other way. Other organizations have since then adopted challenge coins for similar purposes and to similar effect.

To Commemorate Achievements of a Group
Challenge coins were originally used by the Roman armies as medals to commemorate specific events; this has been part of the tradition since then. Part of the tradition of challenge coins
is that they are used to show loyalty to the group by challenging those in the group to produce the coins; those that did not produce the coin were supposed to buy a round for those that did. Because of that tradition, because of that shared tradition, those with a common coin shared a bond. As such the coins showed that they belonged to the same organization and that they had some sort of common ground.

To Award Individuals
Other coins were used to award those that accomplished certain feats. Challenge coins were awarded to those who went above and beyond the bare minimums for their groups; the coins were earned and thus became proof of the person’s value to the group. The meant that coins held value for more than their monetary value; they became medals of value to that organization, and as such showed the merit of the person that had earned them. By establishing that the person had worth to the organization the coin became a point of honor for the person who won it.

As Branding
Companies have of late been using challenge coins as part of their branding. By attending certain events and conferences, the attendees earn a challenge coin for the company. This has spread to a wide variety of different organizations, such as school groups and sports teams; the mascots and other symbols of the group are put on a coin and that coin used to show that the person belongs to the group. Again, the coin is used to show membership in a group, and by doing so help to build bonds between those who bear the coin.

A challenge coin ultimately shows that you have done something of note and that you deserve to belong to a group that offers them. By awarding a coin to someone else you ensure that they know that they belong, that they share some common ground with someone else, and that can create a bond of some strength between the two of you, empowering both of you.

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