3 Reasons why More Labs Should Outsource Certain Processes

Deciding whether to outsource or not is always a tough choice. But in the medical industry, where there are lots of legal considerations, making the decision to outsource lab processes can have a tremendous impact on budget and accuracy. Here are 3 reasons why more labs should outsource for certain processes:

1. It saves money

Outsourcing can save laboratories lots of money. Your lab will no longer bear the facilities and maintenance costs. Your lab will not need to employ as many people. And your lab may even get a break on insurance costs, as the liability could be with the outsourced lab. The cost benefits depend on how large your practice or lab is, and what type of testing you’ll require. But if all works out, the savings could be significant. Be sure to check about what’s included in your outsourcing contract, as some highly skilled or expensive tests may have a cap or additional cost. In general, for certain routine processes outsourcing will be the most economical.

2. You’ll have access to more skilled professionals

Let’s face it: you can only hire so many people. Certain processes require a specialist. If you don’t currently employ someone with the right expertise, making the investment in acquiring such a professional is costly. A large outsourcing lab has a specific focus and more money to invest in skilled lab professionals. This means that you won’t have to hire experts in each field; instead, you’ll have instant access to these experts through your outsourcing partner. Choose an outsourcing company that has a vast network and presence to make sure you have access to all the skilled professionals you may need.

3. You get to be the customer

When you need an extra hand, you can call customer service. This is incredibly useful for certain processes like annual enrollment check-ups or insurance-mandated tests. While you may still be responsible for a few things on your end, you can think of your outsourcing team as your partner. The outsourcing team is there to assist you and provide support. If something goes wrong, you can expect to have the matter resolved in a respectful, business-focused manner. As the outsourcing customer, you are paying for a service that is useful and accurate. Your satisfaction is important.

When you’re making the decision to outsource your lab processes, consider the arrangement you currently have. Think about issues that have occurred from a lack of resources. Consider future expenses or investments in your lab to keep up with the healthcare industry.

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