3 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Listings in an Online Marketplace

When you’re selling items online, success is all about standing out from the crowd. Whether you’re selling a house or a couch, your listing needs to give relevant information and convince buyers to get in touch. With a few optimization tricks, you can create persuasive listings that get results.

Use the Right Keywords

When potential customers are looking to buy something in an online marketplace, they often type words or phrases into the search engine. If you optimize your listing with those keywords, it’s easier for shoppers to find them. The most important place to put the keywords is in the listing title. Instead of “Estate sale furniture,” you might put something more specific, such as, “Dining table and chairs”. It’s also helpful to add in any descriptive words to draw viewers in — “vintage bed frame”, “Mid-Century Modern console table”, and “chrome lamp” let readers know exactly what they can expect to see. It’s also a good idea to put the keywords in your listing description.

Take Beautiful Photos

Photographs are the most important part of your online listing. They help potential buyers verify the condition of the item and determine if it’s the right fit for their needs. Why does that matter? It helps viewers self-select, so you can spend less time answering questions or scheduling showings.

To optimize your listings, it’s important to take beautiful, high-quality photos. For most items, the camera on your smartphone is just fine — if you’re selling a high-ticket item like a house, however, you may want to invest in a professional photographer. Find a well-lit area and clear it of any clutter. If you can’t find one, simply spread out a white sheet to use as a background. Then, take pictures from all angles, making sure to show any imperfections for the sake of transparency. Finally, check out each photo to ensure that it’s clear and in focus.

Fill Out Listings Completely

Most online marketplaces use a form system for new listings. As you’re putting up a new product, it’s important to fill out every section. Why? Usually, the marketplace’s search engine uses these sections to help customers find the products they need. If a customer clicks on “Used Cars” section, they will see all of the listings in that category. This is particularly important when it comes to things like color, size, and condition; that way, when a user has a highly specific preference, it’s easier for them to find your listing.

Optimizing your online listings takes a bit of time, but the effort is worthwhile. When your listings are complete and accurate, potential buyers can find them quickly. That way, you can speed up the selling process and move your merchandise in less time.

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