3 Top Reasons Americans Move to Canada

Americans are looking to the north and moving to Canada in bigger numbers than ever. It is kind of strange since the United States has always been one of the countries everyone wants to be in, but that seems to be changing. The following are the top three reasons many Americans want to move to Canada.

1. Free Healthcare

Health care costs in the United States continue to rise. More people have a hard time paying hospital bills and maintaining a decent life. Canada, on the other hand, offers free medical care to citizens of the country. Some Americans tell people there are long lines in their health facilities. That statement is debatable, and it does not matter. In the United States, people who don’t qualify for low-income health options and can’t afford health care insurance, have no options. A person that cannot afford care or is sick may see lines as a better option than no care.

2. Safety When it Counts

Americans are living in a country that continues to see all sorts of tragedies, thanks to gun violence. There are also a number of other crimes that Americans are in danger of being exposed to every day. When it comes to safety, it seems that Canadians are living in a much safer country. At the moment, the country is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Americans willing to compare the two countries can notice this difference, which makes moving much easier. It is the kind of country where you can raise your children without worrying.

3. Quality of Life

Canada is a great country with a rich ecosystem. You can experience almost everything you’d want to experience in the world in Canada. There are beaches, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, farms that you can visit, great cities, and much more that you can explore. It should also be pointed out that the country is full of areas that are quite affordable, compared to other countries, like the United States where the cost of living seems to be going up higher and higher. Americans who want to avoid the stress of not having enough to live comfortably are moving to Canada.

These are just three reasons why Americans seem to be moving to Canada, but there are many others to discover. Some people who move to Canada end up loving the educational system in that country, which is top notch. Others end up loving the country due to the eclectic cuisine. If you are thinking of moving to Canada, now you have a few more reasons to do so.

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