4 Signs You Need to Have a Front End Alignment

Proper car maintenance will help everything last longer. Front end troubles can cause tire problems and could even lead to an accident. Some misalignment problems are caused by rough roads, hitting a curb while parking, or an accident. Failure to get this fixed could lead to uneven tire wear. This can be especially risky on wet roads. Bad tires can also lead to a blow-out, which is dangerous at highway speeds.

Improper Steering 

If your vehicle pulls to one side or the other, it’s possible your car has an alignment problem. A properly aligned front end will increase your fuel mileage and help your tires last longer. It doesn’t take much force to cause a slight problem with alignment. Sometimes road conditions can cause pulling so check your vehicle on a flat level road.

Tire Wear 

Tires with tread that aren’t wearing evenly can be a sign that your wheels are out of alignment. Improper inflation can also be a cause of this. Check your tires for bad wear and if there is a problem, have it checked out. Keep your tires properly inflated and it will also help with handling, ride comfort, and fuel mileage.

Excessively Worn Parts 

Steering components that are wore out are a sign of misalignment problems. This is also very dangerous since something could break which could lead to a potential accident. If any front end parts are loose, the vehicle should be taken off the road and fixed immediately. Bushings, bearings, and tie rods all need replaced at regular intervals to keep a vehicle safe on the road.


If you notice vibrations in the steering wheel, it’s possible a front end alignment could fix this. Another cause could be out of balance tires, which could also lead to front end troubles in the future. Brake problems can also cause steering wheel vibration, which also needs to be checked out.

Driving a vehicle with a misaligned front end can lead to wear and tear on many different parts, especially with the tires. Tires can be very expensive to replace and care should be taken to ensure your cars front end is aligned properly. Be aware of road conditions when you are driving and try to avoid potholes. Excessive speed around corners and continuous hard braking can create handling problems. Avoid hard acceleration, especially with front wheel drive vehicles. Taking care of your car will make it last many thousands of miles more.

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