4 Simple Workouts to Burn Belly Fat

If you have dedicated yourself to making sure that you are going to start a new healthy lifestyle, there are all kinds of exercises you can do. If you are looking to shave off one particular kind of fat, such as belly fat, there are some very specific ways you can get the job done. Some you’ve likely tried before, others you might not have thought of. All will make sure to help shave that belly fat off your body as long as you stick to the plan and make sure you’re eating right along the way.

Short bursts that work the whole body
while people think something like ab crunches are going to get you a flat stomach, it’s not quite true. You’ll build a layer of muscle, but it will be covered by a layer of fat. You need to get your metabolism running at a high speed. Do this by trying things like planking, for 30 seconds or so. A bunch of reps will start to shave the belly fat.

Run at an incline
Cardio of any kind will work to get your belly fat off a little, but running on a treadmill on an incline will shave the fat a little bit faster. This will drive the calories away even faster than running on a flat surface. The treadmill is the best for this approach precisely because you can control the incline.

Lift heavier weights and rest less
In order to burn as much fat as possible, you are going to want to really work your body. This means that you need to make sure that when you are lifting, you are lifting heavier weights. You’re going to want to rest less as well, in order to keep your body revved up. After you have been doing the lifting for a while, change up what exercises you do from one day to the next. The less accustomed to the workout your body is, the better effect it will have. This includes the effect it has on melting the fat off.

Rowing machine
This machine is one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment at your gym. It should become your best friend if you want to get rid of your belly fat. You’ll be working multiple parts of your body and getting the cardio buzz going as well. There are all kinds of different workouts you can do on this relatively simple machine. The fancier ones can even simulate different situations. Just make sure you are going hard enough to work up a nice sweat, the same way you would if you were running along that treadmill.

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