5 Creative Ways to Light an Outdoor Party

There’s something magical about a fabulous outdoor party. Whether it’s a warm summer celebration or a cozy winter soiree, lighting can make a big impact on your outdoor setting. Here are 5 creative ways to light an outdoor party:

1. Tin can lanterns

Instead of throwing away your coffee cans, recycle them into tin can lanterns for a festive, artistic feel. Using a coffee can, a nail, and a hammer, you can poke interesting designs in the coffee can. Then place a small candle inside for a glowing, whimsical centerpiece for tables. Or line them up around the edge of a patio.

2. Glowing orbs

Using old glass shades and some string lights, create an orb-like lighting effect. Create soft light that adds to the atmosphere by placing these glowing orbs in your garden space or around trees in the backyard. You won’t get enough light to read a book with these, but you will make a big difference in the aesthetic of your outdoor party.

3. Candlelit magic

If you’re hosting an outdoor dinner party, visit your local thrift store and find some vintage candelabras. Candles bring a sense of intimacy and set an elegant mood. Be sure to choose candles that are slow burning, or have extra candlesticks on hand for an all-night party your guests will not soon forget.

4. Play up the theme

For outdoor events with a specific theme, find string lights to match the occasion. You can find string lights that are fancy or just plain fun. For summer barbecues, look for popsicle lights. Hosting a taco party? You’ll find taco lights are pretty easy to find. String lights that match your theme are a subtle way to add detail to your garden party. Bonus: these adorable lights are easy to put up and look very cute in photos.

5. Add a few lamps

For a quirky and unique touch, bring the indoors out with a few lamps. You can find interesting lamps at a thrift store or garage sale, or you can pick up a few cheap finds at your local IKEA. Having lamps on your outdoor dining table provides a fun, unexpected atmosphere. Think Cirque de Soleil with a twist!

Choosing the correct lighting for your outdoor party is a fun challenge. Depending on what type of party you’re hosting, you’ll want more or less light. For example, if your party includes lots of games and activities, you may want to add a few brighter lighting options. If you’re hosting a laid back, intimate dinner party, softer lights may be best. It’s up to you to set the tone.

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