5 Signs It’s Time to Get Help for Your Addiction

Addiction can affect anyone. If your substance use disorder or addictive tendencies are negatively affecting your lie, it’s time to consider seeking treatment. Keep reading for five clear signs that it’s time to go to rehab.

1. You’ve Driven a Vehicle While Under the Influence

While getting behind the wheel when incapacitated by alcohol or drugs may not seem like a big deal, it is. Using any substance can compromise your ability as an experienced driver, which poses a real threat to you and everyone else around you. Making a habit of this type of behavior is a sign that you’re experiencing addiction.

2. You Have Been Diagnosed with Health Issues

Individuals that use substances for a long period of time can cause extensive damage to their body. Alcoholism can result in damage to the liver, brain, and heart, the use of other substances like stimulants can lead to brain damage, psychosis, and cardiovascular failure. Additionally, the method in which one uses certain substances can lead to them contracting deadly diseases like hepatitis C or HIV.

If you’ve developed any health issues related to your substance use disorder, now is the time to seriously consider going to treatment. If you’ve yet to be diagnosed, it is imperative that you understand the risk of continuing your substance abuse. Choose to take proactive measure now by seeking treatment while you’re still healthy.

3. Family and Friends Have Expressed Their Concerns

Your family members and friends only want the best for you. If they have expressed their concern over your substance use, it is important that you hear them out. While you may feel defensive initially, remember that it is often easier for other people to see the effects of addiction in your life. If those closest to you are worried about your wellbeing, perhaps it’s time for you to do the same.

4. You’ve Experienced Symptoms of Withdrawal

Experiencing withdrawal is your body’s way of letting you know that you’ve become dependent on your substance of choice. Symptoms like cramps, nausea, headaches, irritability, paranoia, or insomnia are all signs that you are going through withdrawal. For many people, withdrawal is what pulls them back into their addiction. While you can give in to these symptoms, you can and should start fighting back.

5. You Believe That You Are Addicted

If you’ve moved past denial and you recognize that your substance use is unhealthy, this is an obvious sign that you should change something in your life. Entering into a detox program will help you overcome the challenges of breaking your addiction. While it won’t be easy, you are strong enough to make it through this period and into sobriety.

There is no shame in seeking treatment. As you consider the role of addiction in your life, please keep this guide in mind. When dealing with substance abuse, it is never too early to get help.

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