5 Surprising Benefits of Marijuana Use

Pot use, especially for recreational purposes is a controversial subject. However, most experts agree that marijuana offers potent health benefits when used appropriately. It is in this light some states in America have legalized the use of medical marijuana. You also need to know that regardless of using it for medical purposes, it is still a drug and overuse can lead to addiction. That said, here are some little-known benefits of smoking weed.

It can stop cancer from spreading

Medical researchers at the California Pacific Medical Center have established a close link between marijuana and the spread of cancer cell. In their studies, they observed that use of marijuana reduces the rate at which defective cancer cells multiply. This is made possible by Cannabidiol or CBD in marijuana that turns of a gene known as Id-1 responsible for replication of cancerous cells.

Reverses carcinogenic effects of regular smoking

Regular smoking is not good for your lungs. It has been established that it somehow reduces the lung capacity of the smoker and puts the smoker at risk of lung cancer. Medical studies on effects of marijuana on the lungs confirm that marijuana is friendly to the lungs. It can reverse carcinogenic effects caused by traditional smoking and improve lung capacity as well.

Can help you fight diabetes

Did you know that marijuana helps people ailing with diabetes? Well, there enough medical evidence showing that cannabis improves insulin resistance? This is great news for people diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and not the type 1s. Not just that, there is a growing list of evidence confirming that smoking weed helps in treating eye disorders, sleep disorders, chronic pains along with other conditions associated with diabetes.

Improved mental health

Mental health and marijuana are one of those areas that are of great concern to most researchers. Contrary to popular belief that cannabis is good for your mind, marijuana treats everything from clinical depression to severe conditions like post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). However, some people suffering from depression do not respond well to pot as it heightens anxiety or paranoia.

Helps with neurological movement disorders

Movement disorders are caused by neurological disorders in nerve cells in the brain that control muscular activity. Damage to clusters of nerve cells that control movement has a direct effect of muscular motion on the face, trunk, and the limb. Patients with movement disorders in these areas are candidates for marijuana-based therapies. Considering that stress and anxiety worsen these effects, marijuana offers a calming effect that is undoubtedly relieving.

Medical marijuana is indeed beneficial to your health when used accordingly. These and many other benefits for the basis of most arguments in favor of the legalization of marijuana. If you are yet to give a try, you have every reason to especially if you are struggling with any of these conditions.

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