5 Things to Check Before Buying Dental Insurance

Dental coverage is essential first and foremost for ensuring that you get the preventative dental care that you require. It also makes it much easier to afford corrective and restorative treatments. Not all dental insurance policies are the same, however, and there are at least five things that you should check before choosing your coverage.

1. Your Other Insurance Policies 

Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of being covered is knowing where all of that coverage comes from. Many people do not realize that they are covered for some aspects of dental through their health insurance. You can even get some dental protection through home insurance, auto insurance and other policies, and perhaps this is the best argument for dealing with a single insurance agent. These additions can help you make decisions about your deductible and so forth because they can offset them.

2. Non-Insurance Dental Programs 

There are numerous non-dental programs available, and many of these serve a supplemental role for people who have primary dental insurance. Some of these programs are available free, such as through another membership like AARP, and others require a nominal annual charge. That charge is often worth it if you find a program that complements your insurance because these programs can reduce prescription costs, add free services, pay part of your deductible and more.

3. Alternatives to Your Employer’s Offerings 

Do not assume that your employer’s dental insurance is the best option for you. Dental plans are often tacked on to the health insurance being offered. There’s less thought put into them, and insurance companies will even use them to increase their profits. Many employees are better off taking their employer’s health insurance but finding their dental insurance elsewhere.

4. Is Your Dentist Included? 

Dental insurance is a lot like health insurance in that you have to deal with HMOs, PPOs, POS plans and so forth. Often, your choice of dentist will be restricted. If you already have a relationship with a dentist you want to stick with, then you need to choose a policy that allows for him or her.

5. Preventative Care Coverage 

Focus on preventative care. For people in good health, it is by far the biggest expense. It is also paramount to ensuring that you stay in good health and do not require expensive procedures down the road. The best plans cover 100 percent of your regular checkups and include cleanings, examinations, X-rays and other services that your dentist may deem necessary.

For many people, choosing dental insurance is an afterthought to medical coverage. It shouldn’t be due to the wide range of products and options available on the market. Diligent consumers can minimize their costs while maximizing their protection.

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