5 Tips For Cleaning Your Crawlspace This Fall

Crawl spaces are areas in your home that are often neglected. It’s considered wise to clean your crawl spaces at least once a year. This not only keeps your home in order but it allows you to perform an inspection of these forgotten areas of your home for any hidden problems.

1. Remove Storage Items

Many homeowners have a tendency to use the crawl spaces in their home as an extra storage area. While this sort of arrangement can be beneficial for a short amount of time, it’s not a good idea to keep your items within an outdoor crawl space. This is especially true with the arrival of the cold, wet fall season. Any items remaining inside of your crawl space will be subject to damaging weather conditions unless removed and placed in a dry, sheltered area.

2. Clean Out Debris

Wind and wild animals can conspire to create a large amount of useless trash and debris inside of your outdoor crawl space. These items, while seemingly benign in nature, can actually cause you a lot of problems in the way of pests. Once the warm summer weather begins to fade into cooler autumn weather, pests will begin to look for warm, dry nesting areas. Any trash or junk items in your crawl space will seem like a five-star hotel to them. Prevent a future infestation of pests by cleaning out the debris from your crawl space.

3. Check For Hanging Wires

Crawl spaces are really just small open areas under your home or under your attic that give you access to wires and ductwork. While you’re exploring your crawl space, give the area a close inspection to check that there are no hanging or exposed wires. Any wires that are found to be hanging down or exposed are a serious fire hazard to your home. These wires should be secured and fixed by a professional electrician as soon as possible.

4. Bring Proper Lighting

A crawl space is dark and haunting by nature. Even if you venture into your crawl space in the middle of the day, most of the natural light will disappear once you crawl far enough inside. Be sure to take a powerful flashlight or some other type of heavy duty light with you. A light source using LED bulbs will have a brighter, sharper light which will help you to navigate the dark crawl space easily.

5. Check For Standing Water

The presence of standing water in your outdoor crawl space can mean one of many things. It could mean that the ground beneath your home isn’t level and is allowing rain to puddle beneath your home. It could also mean that you have a leaking pipe somewhere in your crawl space. Standing water can cause issues from an excess amount of bugs to the creation of mold. If you find standing water in your crawl space, you should take steps to begin fixing it immediately.

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