5 Tips for Helping a Troubled Teen

All teenagers will rebel and act up towards their parents. This will happen at some point during their teenage years. However, some teens lash out all the time and this can be a serious problem. If your teenage child constantly challenges  authority, always talks back, argues most of the time, is quick to get angry and is always causing problems – you might have a trouble child. If your child fits this description the 5 tips presented below will help you to deal with your troubled teen.

1.Don’t Compromise your Authority

Authority is very important for parents. Adult are in charge of their kids. This is a legal requirement and social expectation. Parents have to be responsible legally and materially for their child’s support. For some strange reason, many kids resent this type of authority. They don’t want their mom and dad to be charge. Most children honestly believe that they can get by in this world without listening to mom and dad. This is a huge mistake on their part.

Psychology Today therapists recommend that you do not argue with your child or lose your temper. Don’t allow your teen to get you out of control. If you do get very angry, make it clear to your teen that you are the parent and they will respect your wishes. Don’t ever compromise on this point. Your child must realistically know their status and place within your home and society.

2. Your Kids Need You No Matter What they Think

Crosswalk states that children can rebel, but they still need their parents. Since this is the case, parent’s don’t allow your child to believe that they can act anyway that they desire.

3. Teach your Kids How to Behave

When you teach your kids good behavior it will help them to make better choices. Some rebellious teens were never taught to good behavior when they were children. However, most kids can’t use this as an excuse. Teach your teen the right way to act, they will eventually act on what they have been taught.

4. Evaluate your Child’s Mental Health

Your child’s mental health might be the reason why they are behaving badly. Many teens and kids today are experiencing mental health problems unlike they did in the past. As a result, they are acting out in school, at church and in the home. Troubled teens might be acting that way because of poor mental health. If you suspect a problem, get your child evaluated this might help them.

5. Be Consistent with your Behavior

Teens are constantly evaluating everything around them. Troubled teens do this all the time. They want to see if their parents are doing bad things or behaving in a troubled manner. Parents, if you live this way, don’t become angry with your child for doing the same thing. Consistently punish your child and enforce the rules when necessary. Consistently tell them the expectations as well. This consistency will go a long way with helping your child to stop and or change their behavior.

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