5 Tips for Long Term Use of a Portable Storage Unit

Portable storage units are a convenient and reliable way to store your excess items. What makes them an attractive option for storage is the fact that they can be kept on-site. Before you start loading your items into your new portable storage unit, however, there are some tips you should know that will help you to protect and organize your storage items.

1. Use Furniture As Support

The furniture you store within your portable storage unit can act as a means of support for piles of boxes and loose items. Simply place sturdy pieces of furniture throughout the portable storage unit to act as points of support for items that aren’t resting against the walls of the storage unit.

2. Stack Heavy Items On Bottom

You do not want to walk into your portable storage unit to find that your expensive and delicate items have been smashed, damaged, or destroyed. An important rule for stacking items in storage is to always place the heavier, more sturdy items on the bottom. They will act as a supportive foundation for boxes of lighter, more delicate items and won’t be given the chance to crush and smash your lighter boxes.

3. Use Boxes Of Similar Sizes

Stacking your boxes into a portable storage unit can become a stacking puzzle game. This stacking puzzle game only becomes more difficult and confusing if you use boxes of varying sizes. To help your boxes of items to stack and fit better within your portable storage unit, you should purchase several boxes of the same size. This will ensure the neatest, tightest fit when loading and stacking your boxes into the storage unit and will optimize storage space utilization.

4. Cover Delicate Furniture

When placing your furniture into a portable storage unit, you need to take certain precautions to ensure that the furniture is properly protected. For items that contain cloth, such as mattresses and sofas, a plastic cover should be wrapped around these items to protect them from dust and moisture. Furniture that contains glass, such as glass tables, should have a protective cover of bubble wrap or styrofoam sheeting.

5. Protect Electronics

Moisture and dust can get into the most protected of places, so it’s best that you prepare for them ahead of time. Purchasing plastic bubble wrap for your electronics is a smart way to protect your items from moisture and from other incidental damages.

Labels are a fantastic way to organize the items in your portable storage unit. Make sure the labels on your boxes are large, legible, and easily seen. Labels can be written directly on the box or on an adhesive label attached to the box for easy removal.

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