5 Tips For Preserving Your Wooden Structures During The Summer

The higher temperatures and constant exposure to sunlight so typical of the summer months can quickly take a toll on untreated wood. From walls and roofing installations to backyard sheds, fences and other wooden structures, finding ways to prevent damage to wooden structures can be a major concern. Whether its selecting the right paint and finish or taking steps to fully disaster-proof the property, there are plenty of ways property owners may be able to protect wooden structures from the elements.

1. Paint and Finish

Wood that has been unpainted and untreated can be damaged far more easily. Varnish, stains and sealants are often essential for ensuring wood is able to last as long as possible. Untreated and exposed wood can become a serious liability during the summer and throughout the year.

2. Waterproofing 

A simple coat of paint is not always sufficient to provide the level of protection that may be required. Sealing and weatherproofing the wood is often a safer bet. From summer storms to ambient humidity, waterproofing exposed wood can greatly enhance its overall durability.

3. UV Protection

The wind and rain aren’t the only elements that may damage wood. UV radiation can cause colors to fade and wood to wear out prematurely. Sealants, finishes and external clear coats that provide enhanced UV protection are often well worth the cost.

4. Covering and Shading

Sometimes the best way to protect wood from the elements is to limit exposure. An awning, tarp or other covering can help to keep decks, sheds and other outdoor structures protected from the elements more effectively than any other option. A well covered and shaded wooden structure should be able to stand up to any seasonal dangers that may crop up.

5. Placement 

Placing a shed in the right location or knowing the best spot for a new fence, deck or other structure is another issue that should not escape notice. From exposure to sunlight to other issues like water drainage and runoff, finding the optimal placement for a structure is often a major concern. Moving or relocating an existing structure may be both a time and labor intensive undertaking, but it can also be a worthwhile effort.

Property Maintenance and Upkeep Solutions

Even minor cosmetic damage can reduce the curb appeal and even lower the market value of a home or other property. Finding ways to keep wooden materials and structures looking their best for as long as possible can help to alleviate many common maintenance concerns. Investing in the resources and efforts needed to better protect wooden structures from the elements and to prevent upkeep issues from becoming a problem is often far more cost effective than trying to repair any damages that may occur after the fact.

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