5 Tips When Moving with an Infant

Planning a move is a task enough on its own. When you have to juggle between your fussy infant and the boxes, it doesn’t turn out to be a great experience. Therefore, you will need to plan suitable logistics and baby proofing ideas before the day. The following are tips to help you manage through the process with your baby.

Pack Plenty of Baby’s Items

The move will come up as one of those frequent trips you have with your baby. Therefore, you will need to carry adequate baby supplies. These include diapers, wipes, extra clothes, snacks, and toys. Get a compact bag to pack the items. You can acquire travel size packs of diapers, wipes and baby oil to save on packing space. Remember to carry warm clothing just in case the weather takes a toll.

Start Planning Early

Having a small baby is reason enough why you may not have enough time to plan for your move. Create a moving calendar with a list of tasks you have to accomplish before the moving day. It is advisable to hire movers to help you with most of the jobs. Additionally, you can ask friends or relatives to help you arrange for the move.

Talk to the Pediatrician

When relocating, especially to a different state or city, it’s advisable to meet your baby’s pediatrician. They can offer tips to help you with long-distance travel. If you need to get a new one, you should acquire your baby’s records and medical cards. Also, ask your pediatrician of any recommendations of doctors he may know or how to find a new one in the new location.

Ensure You Baby Proof the New Home

Now that your new home will feature a difference in design and setting, it is essential to have suitable baby proofing items. You can test the new house by crawling around to ascertain possible danger that the baby could face. Get plugs to secure furniture and appliances. Additionally, get stair gates attached before you move in to keep the baby off the staircase.

Consider the Mode of Transport

Infants may stress out when you have to travel long distances. Therefore, you should ensure you get comfortable travel options. For international moves where you have to use a plane, ensure you get a seat with a bassinet connection. Fix the bassinet ahead of take-off time to get the baby’s place ready.

Managing a move with a toddler may stress you out. But, with the above tips, you can hack the process easily and have peace of mind. Although it may need you to plan plenty of things, it is very much necessary to have a comfortable trip with your baby.

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