5 Ways to Increase Your Anesthesia Departments Efficiency

With so many steps involved in any procedure from the entry of the patient into the hospital, to the operating room, to post-anesthesia care it is urgent that each step in department is executed with utmost efficiency. This is important for the sake of the patient, as well as for the benefit of the staff and to minimize cost within the department and hospital itself. How can this be accomplished?

First, Consider the location of the Post-anesthesia Care Unit. It only makes sense to have this area very close to the operating room, especially since it is important that the patient be accompanied to this area by a member of the anesthesiology team, and the physician is personally responsible for the patients discharge.

Secondly, another important consideration is that the operation be on time. This is, of course, dependent upon the anesthesiologists, doctors, nurses and the patient. So tardiness needs to be minimized, and the patient needs to be informed of the importance of this and be early.

Thirdly The turn over time between patients needs to be appropriate. Including cleanup and setup times this is 25 minutes in the most efficient operating rooms. This can be accomplished through experience, and standardization of key elements. which is the fourth way to increase efficiency within the anesthesia department.

Everything worth accomplishing has certain standards in place. All proficient musicians have certain standards that have to be maintained. For instance, musical keys and rhythms that are always there within the music. What you do is no different. Where the standards exist you need to learn them to whatever point of perfection is possible. Where they need to be refined communicate, and together look for ways to make things better so the bar will continue to be raised, so the most can be accomplished with the least waste.

The fifth way to increase efficiency is probably the most important, but unfortunately, often the most ignored. Taking care of yourself is essential. If the patient matters to you then you have to matter to you, too. For the sake of the patient you have to be able to communicate with him or her as well as each other and the rest of the medical staff. The only way to do this efficiently is to get proper sleep, eat well, and maintain adequate exercise.

Medical care is a business and so has to be run in a way that is efficient in a technical and financial sense. However, it is primarily a people business, and so, should be a profession of love.

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