5 Wintertime Community Activities for Children

It is important to keep your children busy throughout the winter, and in most communities, there are a variety of fun low-cost or free activities. Don’t spend the winter months inside your home when there are great ways to keep your children busy. Look for these five wintertime activities in your town.

Community Activity 1: Sledding

Children love sledding in the winter, but it is dangerous to enjoy this activity in some locations such as neighborhood streets. However, many communities have a safe sledding location at a public park. The park employees will select a hill that is easy for children to slide down, and they will make sure that it doesn’t have any obstructions such as stones or trees. Your children can often rent a sled when you don’t own one so that they can enjoy this sport. Make sure to have your camera ready to take photographs of this activity.

Community Activity 2: Parades

Your community might have a parade for the holidays, and your children can participate by helping to build a float or walking alongside a float. Alternatively, you can bring your children to the downtown area of your town to view the parade, and the people riding on the floats often toss candy canes or other treats to the children who are watching. Make sure to wear coats, hats and gloves for this event because it is often cold outside during a parade.

Community Activity 3: Crafts

Check your local newspaper to determine if any nonprofit organizations offer free craft classes for children. Some of the places that offer craft classes include public libraries, churches or recreational centers. The most popular time for craft classes is before the Christmas holiday to make ornaments, but you can also find craft classes at other times throughout the winter, including Valentine’s Day.

Community Activity 4: Ice-skating

Ice-skating is a fun wintertime activity, but you must use caution when choosing a location for this activity. Fortunately, there are parks that offer this activity by testing the ice on a lake or having a portable ice-skating rink. In addition to having a safe area for ice-skating with your children, you can also rent skates that are in the proper size.

Community Activity 5: Santa Claus

If your children want to meet Santa Claus, then look for a local community location for this event. Your children can wait in line to sit on Santa Claus’s lap to tell him what they want for Christmas. In addition, you can pay for a beautiful photograph of your children sitting on Santa Claus’s lap. In most cases, your children will receive a candy cane at this community event.

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