6 Creative Costume Ideas for Women

Halloween is a fun time to brainstorm creative ideas for costumes. You don’t have to wear what everyone else is wearing because everyone is a unique individual. These costume ideas may be just what you’ve always wanted to wear.


Most people might consider being a bee just by viewing nature, but a beehive is a whole other story. Feel free to use artistic expression for a truly one-of-a-kind costume. Stand up for the environment while getting crafty with this great idea.


You can create a frightening scarecrow costume or something similar to the storybook character. Make it girly by wearing a plaid top and blue jeans, a cute but colorful makeup palette and orange pigtails. You can even craft a straw hat to top it all off.

Queen of Hearts

If you have a heart of stone and a cruel spirit, becoming the queen of hearts for Halloween might be perfect for you. Craft a frightening paper mask and put on a dress made for dominating souls. Be the wicked woman you always knew you wanted to be, or just have a great time dressing up and play acting.

Butterfly Princess

Being a princess is nearly every little girl’s dream, so why not pretend to be one in real life for a day? There are fairy princesses, ice princesses or traditional ones from the fairy tales. One that may be lesser known is the butterfly princess. If you’re a natural seamstress, you might enjoy sewing your dress by hand.

Paper Doll

As a child, playing with paper dolls may have been a simple way to use your imagination and be creative. You can make your costume appear flat by fashioning it out of foam board. If you like looking cute, wear your hair in two braids or a short hairstyle. For inspiration, do research on paper dolls, or maybe buy one to get in the spirit.

An Activist

Express your feelings about important causes by dressing as your favorite woman activist. Feel like a strong female by playing the part of Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou or some else you admire. One of the most important reasons to dress up is to express your beliefs. You may even want to become involved with an organization that shares your values by volunteering.

If none of these costumes are right for you, there are plenty of other ideas for you to think up. A few you might like are someone famous like Beyonce, a houseplant or sunflower, or a corpse bride. So find an online tutorial, download a pattern and head to the craft store to pick out colorful supplies to make that costume that’s just right for you.

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