6 Simple Reasons to Utilize Green Construction Practices

Society as a whole has become more conscious regarding the environment in recent times. This increased consciousness has carried into both the commercial and residential construction industries. The following is six simple benefits to green construction practices.

Energy Efficient

Many studies have demonstrated that green construction and energy conservation are directly related. One reason for this is lighting efficiency. Sustainable structures are capable of using sunlight to provide light to inside spaces. Other ways to achieve energy efficiency is with the improvement of cooling and heating systems and using LED lights.

Conserve Water

Water is an important element to sustain life for both humans and animals on the planet. It is also a limited resource. Green building techniques conserve this valuable resource in a variety of ways. For example, water needs can be filled with rainwater, more efficient plumbing fixtures can be used to decrease the amount of water waste, and water systems can be installed for water purification and enabling recycling.

Decreased Cost of Operations

The ability of green construction to conserve energy and water can allow companies to decrease their energy and water bills significantly. Maintenance and operations cost can equal to 80 percent of the cost of owning a building over its lifetime. The building owner that decreases these costs will keep much more of the rent he or she collects as profits. The original construction of green buildings may cost a bit more. However, the long-term savings are well worth the upfront costs.

Health Improvements

Green buildings are made with materials that are much healthier for inhabitants of the building. For instance, construction companies that are concerned with the environment do not use plastic products that release dangerous toxins. These toxins not only negatively affect air quality but also increases the risk for certain types of cancers.

Material Efficiency

Green construction practices seek to minimize the use of materials without sacrificing the quality of the product. This goal is accomplished by using materials that last longer, recycling certain materials, and designing buildings in a way that fewer materials are needed.

Decrease Strain on Local Resources

Rising populations put increased pressure on local communities to provide resources like energy and water. Green building practices reduce this strain on shared resources through the use of technologies that increase the efficiency of energy and water consumption.

The desire to preserve the environment is becoming more important to the world population. Many construction companies have made environmental preservation a key ingredient to their business practices. The six benefits discussed above are excellent reasons to use green construction practices when involved with commercial or residential building.

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