6 Tips for Decorating for Your Summer Pool Party

Decorating for a pool party can be so much fun! From the trees to the pool itself, there are lots of great spaces to decorate. Here are some favorite ideas for fantastic pool party decorations this summer!

1. Garlands
Garland is all the rage this summer! Some of the most popular garlands are made from paper lanterns and silk flowers. You can hang garland above tables, on fences or even over the pool. If your summer pool party is an annual event, consider putting up a photo garland with pictures from past parties.

2. Pool Balloons
Balloons floating around the pool are not only pretty to look at, but they also provide entertainment in the pool. Everyone loves a great round of balloon volleyball! Consider getting colors that match your tableware.

3. Pretty Drinks
Serving your drinks from glass pitchers will also add an element of décor. You can freeze whole berries or sliced lemons and limes to use as ice cubes. Add these to the pitchers and they instantly become a colorful decoration. You can also purchase edible flowers at many grocery stores. Floating edible flowers on your drinks brings in some great color!

4. Light it Up
Keep the party going into the evening with beautiful lights to illuminate your party! You can hang lights on a fence or wrap them around trees. You can also run them down the center of tables alongside some flowers or other centerpieces. White lights look great with any other décor and give off more light than colored lights, but feel free to mix in some colored lights to match your theme.

5. Dazzling Desserts
Consider having a dessert table that is as much décor as it is desserts. Many of your summer desserts are already colorful and fun. Have a few glass bowls sitting out with some fruits or other colorful sweets to nestle around desserts. Perhaps add some cupcakes that correspond with your theme. You can even nestle a string of lights around to illuminate all the colors. Adults and kids alike will enjoy your colorful table and treats!

6. Centerpieces
Add some color to your table with some fun centerpieces. They can be made from many items, though flowers are one of the most popular. Add some lights and tulle for a more sophisticated pool party. For a more relaxed pool party, consider using some Hawaiian leis or small beach balls for your centerpieces.

From using your drinks and desserts as décor to adding balloons to your pool, you are sure to have an amazing pool party. Remember to add some lights to keep the party going all night. Have a wonderful and beautiful pool party!

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