6 Ways Prepaid Phones Can Help Curb Your Social Media Addiction

Social media has its critics, but the arrival of Facebook, Twitter, and others has been positive. Communicating with family and friends takes seconds and comes with no costs. And many entertaining and informative pages and groups allow like-minded people to interact. Spending too much time on social media isn’t right, though. Social media compulsions take time away from other pursuits. Anyone spending too much time on social media might find switching to a prepaid phone a good plan for six reasons:

Limits on Data

When you only have 5GB per month, you get cut off from the internet reasonably quickly. Social media time ends up limited because the data ceiling is low. Reloading is possible but takes effort and extra money. Some might stick with the cutoff. Choose the lowest amount of data for your needs. Try to avoid loading up on data. This way, you reduce your browsing time.

Stick with Flip Phones and Minimalist Devices

Social media comes alive on a top smartphone. With a pay-go flip phone or scaled-down smartphone, access to the internet or apps isn’t as engaging. Yes, things remain functional, but the limitations might lead someone to spend less time browsing social media.

Memory Limitations

An internet browser might not be sufficient to surf social media. Apps make doing so easier on a smartphone. When the phone’s memory comes with low hard drive limits, there are only so many apps you can add. More important apps such as GPS or banking ones may bump social media apps off the device. Without social media apps, the user cannot invest time on the sites.

Requirements to Use a Computer

If the prepaid phone doesn’t support hours and hours of social media time, then the fan must wait until he/she has access again to a laptop or home computer. Some waiting might be necessary. Work computers could be off-limits, so no one logs onto a social media account until home. Restrictions have their benefits.

The Prepaid Phone Becomes the Only Phone

Relying exclusively on a prepaid phone could make eliminate alternative options for logging onto social media. Prepaid phones should be fine for anyone interested in basic texting, calling, and browsing. Since they aren’t beneficial for someone interested in spending hours on Facebook and elsewhere, then the prepaid phones could have some benefits.

The Phone Aren’t Costly

Switching over to a prepaid phone doesn’t require spending ridiculous amounts of money. Make a necessary change without harming your bank account to do so.

Social media addiction is serious. No easy solutions to dealing with the problem likely exist. However, taking small steps, such as using a prepaid phone can help. So does speaking with a qualified professional.

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