6 Ways To Help Understand Your Crawl Space And Its Function Better

There is no question that your crawl space is an oft-overlooked component of your house. However, your crawl space is often an area of your home that the more diligent you are in understanding it, the better off you will be. Whatever you do, don’t neglect your crawl space; you can avoid some major issues if you keep it in mind. Yes, your crawl space might be dark and frightening, but there are at least six ways to understand your crawl space that will make your house that much better for it:

Your crawl space can potentially help you with ventilation.

The old-school type of crawl space would usually come with such things as vents that will allow outside air to circulate around inside the crawl space. While this is a good way to help you air it out, it also can cause problems over time. This often means that moisture will eventually come in, which could potentially invite harmful mold spores into your home as well. However, in today’s crawl space designs the ventilation can be helpful. This is because they are encapsulated in order to provide the right ventilation to keep your family as happy and healthy as if the home was brand new.

Your crawl space could be helpful to you when it comes to mechanical access.

Crawl spaces offer some significant advantages over the typical slab foundation. Mechanical access is something that will be very helpful to you in the future. Your handyman can get into your crawl space, and they will have access to such things as your plumbing, electrical, and sometimes even your HVAC system.

Along these same lines, a crawl space is a good way for a home repair technician to spot issues.

Your crawl space is the first area of your home where you will see such things as foundation issues. Hint: if your crawl space has groundwater it means you are having foundation issues.

Crawl spaces can help you understand the history of the house.

You can learn a lot about the history of a building just by looking at its crawl space. For example, you can tell if a house once had fire damage, you can tell if the floors are original, and you see evidence of what type of fasteners were on the foundation as well. Perhaps most importantly, you can tell if the house is prone to flooding and you can design a drainage system in order to prevent it from happening again.

You can tell if your house is infested with pest issues.

One of the main areas of a home where there will be evidence of a pest problem would be in the crawl space. Roach colonies, ant dens, and mice nests will usually begin in a home’s crawl space.

A house’s crawl space will tell you if it has foundation issues.

Finally, the crawl space in a house will immediately be able to tell you if it has foundation problems. For example, if it hasn’t rained in a while, yet the crawl space has water, this means your foundation has some red flags. Moreover, if the beams are rotting, this is another tell-tale sign.

As you can see, your crawl space will tell you many different things regarding the current condition of your home. Don’t neglect to look at it! Let it be an asset for you to diagnose the true condition of your home!

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