8 Simple Ways the Clothing Industry Can Be More Eco-Friendly

There’s no doubt that the garment industry has been making a nasty carbon footprint in the world. With the apparel sector currently flagged as the second dirtiest industry in the world, right behind oil, it’s obvious that change is needed. But there are solutions to the fast fashion problems we face, with eight highlighted below.

Biodegradable Textiles
With the science advancing at a rapid pace, we could be wearing clothing that is sourced from materials that can break down without any cost to the environment. Fashion designers should focus on these materials.

Recycling Programs
Some clothing companies, such as Madewell, offer customers a financial incentive to bring in old items when they’re purchasing something new. This would be a great way to keep old clothes out of landfills.

Switch Out Toxic Dyes 
When it comes to clothing production, the dyes used can be quite hazardous to the environment. If a company decides to opt for more eco-friendly dyes, it can dramatically decrease its carbon footprint and improve the health of waterways immediately surrounding it. As fast fashion documentaries have shown us, there are many seas and rivers that have been polluted by these dyes. By making a simple switch to better dyes, companies could vastly improve public confidence in them.

Using 3D Printing to Their Advantage 
If a clothing company offers 3D printing, customers can be assured that their new apparel will fit them. For many, a poor fit is a reason that clothing is tossed out way before its expiration date. When their clothes have been tailored to their exact dimensions, consumers will be more likely to hang onto them for the long haul. The clothing companies that take advantage of this technology first will undoubtedly reap the rewards.

Be Transparent with Consumers 
When customers see how much of a carbon footprint they’re making with certain purchases, they’re bound to make smarter decisions in the future.

Encourage the Sharing Economy 
These days, people share everything. From Lyfts to Airbnbs, many participate in the sharing economy. Any clothing brand that figures out how to take advantage of this fact—and uses it to their benefit—will win over new customers while also saving the environment.

Use Recycled Plastic 
Now that our oceans are littered with plastic, it makes sense to use the material for something good. Emma Watson once wore a red carpet gown that was crafted entirely from yarn that was created with plastic water bottles, so it has been done before. Adidas has also experimented with using captured ocean plastic as a material in some of its sneaker lines.

Make Clothes in the Same Country 
With transport causing even more pollution, this is an idea forged in common sense.

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