9 Inspiring Reasons to Consider a Career as a Pediatric Nurse

Choosing a career can be daunting because there are so many factors to consider. Pediatric nursing is an honorable profession with lots of great aspects and benefits. If you have a penchant for helping others and you like children, it could be a great fit for you. Here are nine inspiring reasons to consider a career as a pediatric nurse:

1. Satisfaction of knowing you’re doing something immensely important-Not all jobs are noble, but there is no denying the importance of nursing. It can be extremely personally satisfying to go to work each day in a profession that you know is doing critical, life-saving work.

2. Salary – The median salary for nurses in 2017 was $70,000, which is significantly higher than the $48,000 average salary for all American workers. Nursing is a great way to earn a solid income, and nursing jobs generally come with generous benefits packages, too.

3. The stigma is gone for male nurses – While there was a time when men were discouraged from becoming nurses due to societal pressures on men to pick a more “masculine” line of work, those times are in the past. According to the New York Times, men are join the nursing industry in increasing numbers as the stigma seems to have dissipated.

4. Variety of work – Nurses don’t just sit behind a desk all day. There’s a lot of variety inherent in the work of a pediatric nurse, which can be a huge benefit for people who crave variety in a job.

5. Getting to interact with patients and concerned parents – Nurses interact with young patients and their parents, so it’s a great profession for people who enjoy human interaction.

6. More options – Pediatric nurses take care of patients from birth to age 21. Therefore, pediatric nurses can work in a traditional doctor’s office setting, but they also have additional options. Schools hire pediatric nurses to be on site full-time to take care of injured and sick children. Additionally, some school boards hire pediatric nurses to work as consultants to help establish health-related policies for the school system.

7. Children bring joy to your job – The best pediatric nurses have a special way with children. It’s important that pediatric nurses know how to converse with children in a calming, friendly way. If the nurse has that type of demeanor, then both the patient and the nurse can reap wonderful rewards. Children have such natural joy and innocence that they can’t help but brighten your day.

8. Terrific growth in the nursing industry – It’s a great time to become a nurse because the need for nurses is growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing positions are expected to increase by 15% over the next 10 years, which is much faster than the average job. Other industries, such as manufacturing and farming, are seeing steep declines in available jobs, but nurses are very much in demand, which makes it a very stable profession to go into.

9. Seeing a child’s face after you’ve helped him – Though it certainly feels good to help a patient of any age, there is something extra special about helping a child. Children are so young to be dealing with health issues, especially significant ones. You are helping both the child and his/her family immeasurably by helping a child cope with an illness.

Nursing is a difficult job and takes stamina, energy, and a love of helping others. But if you possess those qualities, it can be a very rewarding job with terrific long-term stability.

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