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Our Main Focus

We specialize in world news, so you can find information and updates on every country. We do not provide precise information about the US or Europe, their politics. You will find equal amounts of information on Asia, Africa, islands on our website.

Our Goal

Is to provide people with relevant, quick, true news from all over the world. We are always on time, giving you the latest information on the most important world events, without irrelevant details, bias, or personal prejudices. Being informative yet rational is our credo.

Our Moral Code

  • Be truthful.
    We check our sources and will never give you information that will turn out to be a fraud. Even if something smells like a sensation, we prefer to wait to check if it’s really that way. We care about your time and your opinion, so we will not lie to you.
  • Be on time.
    News has its time frames and we understand that very well. If it’s analytics or a blog post, it could be published in 2-3 days after the main event, but news on our website get updated frequently.
  • Be relevant.
    We won’t give you information that you don’t need or publish trashy content. You came here to get your news and it’s all you’re getting, that’s guaranteed. We understand that many of our readers value us for that and we will not change our principles to get more profit.
  • No bias allowed.

Our team consists of living people who have their own preferences, political views and they also know how everything should be operated. But we will never include our opinions into our news, those are two fields that are never mixed up.

We hope that our content will leave you satisfied and you will join the team of our readers. We work for you and try to give you the content you deserve. If you want to leave a suggestion for us, please contact us.