America’s Hot Wing Trend

Americans sure do love their hot wings! From traditional hot wings to peanut and jelly wings, Americans has nearly become obsessed with different flavors. In fact, they have become one of the trendiest food items in the nation.

There was a time in America when the chicken wings were considered to be absolute trash by most people. They were considered to be food for the man who could not afford the best parts of the chicken. It is still uncertain as to whether the original Buffalo wing was meant as a treat for people or a way to cover up a mistake that was cooked. Either way, chicken wings as we know them today were brought to us by the Bellissimo family in Buffalo, New York.

For a time, the wings remained a regional dish. In just a few decades however, they become popular across the entire country! Many people like that they can get just about any flavor they think of. Some others like that they are finger foods. Others like the crunch of the deep fried skin. No matter what they like most about wings, one thing is certain: Wings have become an ultimate party food.

Wings are also loved for their versatility. They can be eaten as just a snack or as a whole meal. You can get bone-in or boneless wings. They can be deep fried, smoked or grilled. There are unlimited sauce ideas. Then there is the dunking! Many love to dunk their wings in ranch dressing or bleu cheese dressing to cool down the hotter wings or to add some zing to the milder wings. Some people have contests to see who can eat the most wings. Others see who can eat the hottest wings. There are wing cooking contests to find the best new sauce recipes. They have become a fun food past time!

Wings have become more popular with the onslaught of both private and chain restaurants, specializing in wings. Some take the heat scale very seriously and have dozens of blends rated on a heat scale for you. Some simply focus on unique flavors, taking flavors from all over the world to create new and tasty blends. Many of these restaurants will deliver, which put wings right up there with pizza. In fact, “pizza and wings” is a common order for takeout in many American homes. Many restaurants who once only specialized in pizza now specialize in wings also. The addition of this trend has been profitable for them.

Wings have become a party staple in America for many reasons. Be sure to give them a try if you have not already. Enjoy all of the many flavors, styles and dips!

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