Top 5 OSHA Compliance Violations in the US

Safety should be a top priority for every business. Employees are a company’s most valuable asset and the necessary training is required to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Despite this fact, each year there are a handful of OSHA compliance violations in the United States that repeatedly occur. Below you’ll find a list of the top five violations. This list can help to ensure your due diligence in the specified areas.

1. Hazard Communication

Hazard communication is related to the standards and requirements for handing hazardous chemicals in the workplace. The problem is that employers sometimes fail to relay those standards to employees. Employers are obligated to ensure safety data sheets and appropriate labels are provided for all hazardous materials. They must also ensure proper training is provided.

2. Fall Protection

Fall protection must be a priority in manufacturing, construction and any other workplace where employees are required to work at heights. The type of fall protection that’s provided will depend on the nature of the job. For instance, safety nets and guardrails are sometimes used on construction sites. Construction companies are often required to ensure all employees receive the 10-hour OSHA course. This is actually a course that needs to be repeated as changes occur.

3. Respiratory Protection

Employees that work with substances like gases, sprays, dust and fumes must receive personal protective equipment to perform assigned tasks. In addition to being provided the necessary equipment, they should also receive training on the effects of chemicals and how they should be handled to prevent injuries. This violation is especially worrisome because damage to the respiratory system can last a lifetime.

4. Scaffolding

The purpose of scaffolds is to enable workers to repair, build or clean structures. Because of the height, scaffolds always require strict adherence to safety procedures. When defined practices and protocols are not followed, there’s a greater likelihood of falls and other life-threatening incidents. There is a certificate program that provides the necessary training on scaffolds.

5. Lockout Tagout

Lockout Tagout (LOTO) is for employees that repair machines and equipment. Employees must receive training to operate machines that may pose a danger. The LOTO course to earn certification is 30 hours long. The reason why the training program is extensive is because there are serious dangers when dealing with different types of machinery.

These common OSHA violations often vary in rank. However, fall protection almost always holds the top spot. Failing to meet OSHA requirements can result in fines and employee lawsuits. It’s also costly to employers because it impedes productivity when injured workers are away from the workplace for long periods of time.

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