5 Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Weddings are all about the happy couple. Making a lifetime commitment to another person is monumental and should be fun for everyone involved. For this reason, many brides and grooms want their wedding to be fun. After all, wedding guests won’t remember the decorations at your wedding as much as they’ll remember how the reception and ceremony made them feel. Here are 5 ways to entertain your wedding guests.

1. Never Let Your Wedding Guests Get Hungry 

When planning their wedding festivities, couples should concentrate on never letting their guests get hungry. Providing snacks, a cookie table, or even a candy bar can help. No one wants their great-Aunt to get “hangry” (a hunger so real it makes the person angry) and start yelling at other guests. Providing lots of food also helps prevent the bride’s brothers from filling up on adult beverages before the party gets started.

2. Think Outside the Box with Musical Entertainment 

Bands and DJs are great wedding music options. But, don’t limit your options. Think about hiring a live performer. Maybe a bagpipe player to honor the groom’s Scottish heritage, or a high school marching band to introduce the bridal party and happy couple.

Another way to guarantee everyone hears at least one song they love is to ask for a song or artist request. Add this question to RSVP cards and then give it to the DJ to create the playlist.

3. Plan an Activity Center 

Some guests will dance the night away, but others will look for a cool place to hang. To entertain those guests, you should consider a games and activity center. Ideas for this area include comfortable chairs, fire pits, cornhole games, hula hoops, Bocce, and oversized, classic board games like Jenga and Connect 4.

4. Plan a Non-Traditional Guest Book 

Guest books are great, but usually, get buried in a hope chest and never looked at again. While the book serves a purpose, it’s a bit boring. Instead, create an interactive guest book that is fun for wedding guests and can be kept forever by the couple. Ideas include an interactive map where guests can “pin” their location, community canvas where every guest paints a square, or have guests sign something that means something to the couple such as a pair of cowboy boots, a surfboard, or something else.

5. A Spectacular Send-Off

To make sure every guest will remember how awesome your wedding made them feel, you should plan a spectacular send-off. It gives the bride and groom an exit strategy and lets everyone know the party is over. Favorite send-off activities include a firework show, paper lantern release, confetti drop, or something similar.

Incorporate all of the ideas above or just one or two, and you’re wedding will still be remembered at your 50th wedding anniversary.

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