How to find a Breathtaking Wedding Dress

The most incredible party of your lifetime surely demands the most incredible dress of your lifetime — but how do you find it? Here are some suggestions for how to find a breathtaking wedding dress that meets your budget, flatters your figure and suits your style.

Shop Ready-to-Wear Bridal Collections

Most designer wedding gowns require you to order them well in advance; then you have to wait for them. And wait…and wait…

However, there is an easy way to bypass the necessity of waiting. Some department stores offer ready-to-wear bridal collections that can be purchased in-store, paid for and brought home with you like any other ready-to-wear clothing purchase. Many online retailers offer ready-to-wear bridal collections that can be ordered, shipped and delivered without any additional need for waiting beyond the ordinary delivery time frame.

If you decide to order your wedding gown online, be sure to allow enough time before the wedding for trying the dress on, making any needed alterations, accessorizing and creating your entire silhouette. One of our top wedding dress shopping tips: You’ll want to make an effort to decide on the accessories and undergarments you need at the same time you finalize your dress decision. That way, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to complete your entire wedding day look.

Shop at Bridal Outlets, Sample Sales and Sample Showrooms

There are numerous places you can go to buy discontinued wedding dress styles, discounted showroom samples and stores’ overstock styles. There are bridal outlets offering you a wide selection of wedding dress styles at attractively affordable price points. Sample sales and sample showrooms are two other possibilities for scoring fantastic bargains on wedding dresses you can take home the same day.

Consider Wearing a Secondhand Dress

If you aren’t finding the wedding dress of your dreams in a price range you can afford, you have the option to buy a secondhand wedding dress. Most secondhand bridal gowns remain in excellent condition and look like new; no one but you will ever know that your special gown had a previous owner. This method of choosing a dress is fast, easy, smart and exceptionally affordable.

There are bunches of places you can look for secondhand bridal gowns. Many big cities have specialty consignment shops offering formalwear and bridal attire. Check local classified ad listings online and in your local papers.

Another option would be to wear an heirloom dress of your mother’s, sister’s, grandmother’s or aunt’s. Of course, this is only an acceptable option if one of your beloved relatives has a spectacular gown that truly flatters you. If not, it’s best to keep searching.

These are our best suggestions for how to find a breathtaking wedding dress. Of course, these are not your only options for finding an outstanding dress. If you’re patient, you can certainly go the traditional route of ordering a lovely designer wedding dress. Happy hunting!

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