Five Reasons to Take up Fly Fishing

In modern times, we always seem to be hurrying to get things done. We rush to work, rush to pick up our kids, rush to the store, and rush to go to sleep. Most people don’t take time out to enjoy life and decompress as much as previous generations. This could be why recent studies have shown that heart attacks and other stress related medical problems are on the rise. Somewhere along the line, we forgot about hobbies that soothe us. For many people fly fishing is one of those such hobbies. Let’s delve into five reasons you should go fly fishing.


There are many men and women who enjoy fly fishing because of the sense of relaxation that it gives them. They enjoy being out in the river or stream, immersed in the sounds and sights of nature, and honing their technique to be better able to catch fish. Also, many fly fishing enthusiasts construct their own lures. You may find this very relaxing and rewarding as well.

Getting Away from the City 
Most of us spend far too much time in the city. We are used to the loud noises, pollution, and bumper-to-bumper annoyances that come with city living, but sometimes it is very important to get away from the city and leave all of the chaos behind. Studies have shown that there is far less air pollution in rural areas, where most fly fishing occurs, then there is in urban areas. This means that you will be doing your heart and lungs some good by just leaving the city to spend the afternoon out fly fishing.

Spending Time with Loved Ones 
As stated before, we are all busy; however, it is important to make time for friends and loved ones. The older we get the more we seem to find out that life is all too precious. That means that time spent teaching a friend or family member how to fly fish is a memory that you and that person will probably carry for the rest of your life. There are many people who regret not being able to spend time with their loved ones before they are gone. Fly fishing gives you an opportunity to seize the moment and enjoy the time well spent with someone special.

Learning a New Hobby 
Let’s face it. As we get older our brains aren’t always as sharp as we would like them to be. We can help to prevent that by keeping ourselves interested in new hobbies. Learning a new hobby really works your brain because you have to learn a whole assortment of new concepts. This learning helps the brain to stay strong and healthy.

Get back to Basics 
Sometimes, we just have to get back to basics; human against the elements. For some it is a rebirth and for others it is a pilgrimage. Being in nature is unlike anything that can be found anywhere else. It is like looking back in time.

While you may not be able to spend every weekend fly fishing due to family and work commitments you should at least try to take time out once a month to enjoy this peaceful, relaxing, and memory building hobby.

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