Germs in the Gym – Tips to Avoid Catching Them

Going to the gym is one of the best things you can do for your body. Regular exercise can yield many health benefits such as: Controlling your weight, reducing the risk of heart disease and certain cancers, manage your blood sugar levels and even helps improve your mental health.

Although Getting sick is probably the last thing on your schedule, so here are some tips to avoid germs at the gym.

Wipe Equipment Down Before And After

The first thing you can do to avoid germs is to wipe down every machine you use before you use it. Whoever used the equipment might’ve wiped it down after they used it, but if they didn’t their sweat and germs will be crawling all over the machine. Wipe it down after you use it as well, as you are likely to leave your own sweat and germs on the machine after you’ve used it.

Do Not Touch Your Face

You must make an effort to not put your hands on your face. Your hands have been all over dumbbells and equipment used by hundreds of other people, so putting your hands on your face is like rubbing their germs all over your face. Wash your hands frequently to ensure you are not carrying around any bacteria from the equipment.

Cover Your Feet

It may seem normal to walk around a locker room barefoot, but you might want to reconsider. The floor of the locker room is full of bacteria and fungus that can attach to your feet and cause infections if you happen to have a cut on your foot. It’s safer to keep your shoes on or bring a pair of sandals with you.

Shower Right After Your Workout, But At Home

After an intense workout, washing your hands won’t be enough to get all the dirt off your body. Shower as soon as possible after your workout is finished, but showering at home is better than showering at the gym because those are public showers that anyone can use so anybody’s germs can come in contact with your body.

Don’t Go If You’re Already Sick

If you are already feeling down, don’t force yourself to go to the gym. Going there and exposing yourself to everyone else’s germs and bacteria while you’re already in a weak state could end up making your cold way worse. Not only that, but you would be spreading your sickness to everyone else in the gym, and they don’t deserve that.

Making regular exercise part of your daily life will definitely benefit your life in the long run, so stick to it. Just be sure to practice safe and clean hygiene to avoid getting sick at the gym. Workout hard, stay clean and live healthily!

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