Guest Post

We value our readers and want to become more than just another news site for them. The atmosphere and friendly collaboration mean a lot to us, so we welcome guest posting. We believe that it allows our readers to share their articles, notes and thoughts on those things that feel important and it provides us with the quality content.

This is your chance to get some new audience for your personal blog and share your thoughts with people who will appreciate it, maybe receive comments and suggestions that will allow you to improve your writing or review another source.

Suggestions for Guest Posts

If you are not sure whether your post could be published on our site, you should contact us and discuss it with our editor. If you’re planning to write a post for us, but can’t think of a topic, we can give you a few ideas:

  • Analytics are always welcomed on our website. If you can find insights and data, maybe something appeared a week after an event, include it in your article.
  • News we still don’t have.
    Please, if you’re planning to write a news post for us, contact our editor first and arrange things with them. That would help us prevent publishing similar articles on one topic.
  • Recap of a story.
    If there is a long political/criminal/economic process going on, you could write a recap and tell the story chronologically. That is always interesting to read and it refreshes things for people.
  • Post for a specific event/date.
    It could be a holiday, it could be a historical event, whatever you want. Even if it’s connected to WW1, but it’s an interesting article, we will publish it.

Rules for Guest Posting

  • No plagiarism.
    Your content has to be unique. It can’t be published somewhere else, but our site. Our editors will check it and if it was published somewhere before, your post won’t be published on our site.
  • No third-party/irrelevant links.
    You can leave links to your blog/posts, you can leave links to important sources that you used or sources to those places where you found data, but no irrelevant links/ads.
  • Use bullet points/pictures/graphs.
    If you can somehow diversify your text with an interesting and relevant picture or add some stats and numbers, please do so. We think that content like that gets more attention and is much easier to read.

Our rules for guest posting are mild, but you have to consider them if you want to write for us. If you have an option, please contact us first, so you don’t waste your time. We could arrange everything, the deadlines and the length of your article and maybe even consistently work together.