How To Avoid Sport Injuries This Summer

Summer is a wonderful season for playing sports, but you must avoid any injuries that can sideline you from fun activities for several weeks or longer. Use these tips for avoiding an injury this summer.

Tip 1: Visit Your Physician For Advice 

If you aren’t in the best physical condition, then you should visit your physician for an examination to determine if you have any health problems. When you are overweight, some forms of exercise can harm your feet or knees, and you may also have an arthritic condition that can become worse from jogging or running. If you do have a medical condition that affects your physical activities, then you must take additional precautions to avoid an injury.

Tip 2: Choose the Proper Location For a Sport 

Don’t try to enjoy a sport in the wrong location because it can lead to injuries or death. The local lake might seem like a great place to enjoy boating or swimming, but the water may contain dangers such as bacteria or underlying sharp objects. Some waterways have snakes or reptiles that can inflict a bite, so make sure that the location that you choose for a sport is safe.

Tip 3: Protect Your Teeth While Playing Sports 

A blow to the mouth or a fall from sporting equipment can injure your teeth, so you should visit a dentist to have a customized mouth guard designed. These hard plastic devices fit over your teeth and gums to prevent chipping, breaking or dislocation. If you can’t afford customized mouth guards, then a drugstore will have generic devices that are less expensive. You should keep your mouth guard clean so that it will last longer.

Tip 4: Wear a Helmet To Protect Your Skull 

A fall from a bicycle or a blow to the head can lead to a concussion that is extremely dangerous. Anyone engaged in a contact sport or a sport that has flying projectiles should wear a helmet. When you need a helmet, it must fit correctly, and depending on the sport, you may need a helmet that covers the ears, neck or forehead. Some helmets also have devices that you move to cover your face.

Tip 5: Protect Your Knees and Elbows While Playing Sports 

To avoid a broken bone in your knees or elbows, you must wear pads that fit properly. A sporting good’s store will have different sizes and types of pads for the arms or legs so that you can select the right type of devices for a variety of sports. If your children are riding bicycles or playing sports, then they also need protective equipment, and as they grow, you will need to buy new sizes.

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