How to Get Online Certified For Taking Ultrasounds

For those who have been considering a career as an ultrasound technician, there is no time like the present to begin online courses to earn your certification. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for licensed technicians is expected to increase by as much as 17 percent by the year 2026. Also, more healthcare facilities are gravitating toward ultrasound as opposed to older and often more invasive medical testing.




There are several factors that determine how long it will take to earn an ultrasound technician certification online, namely whether an individual already has a degree in healthcare or if they are currently working in the healthcare field. To become an ultrasound technician, students will have to complete the educational and clinical components associated with their online training. However, students with a degree in healthcare will not be required to complete as much of the educational components. Similarly, those who are already working in the healthcare field will not need to complete as much of the clinical components. Also, the specific type of online certification will be a factor. Students will have to pass one of three certifications to become a licensed ultrasound technician, ARDMS, ARRT, or CCI. In most cases, individuals can earn their ultrasound technician certification in 1 to 2 years.




When it comes to online courses that can prepare you for an ultrasound certification exam, there are several. And the courses offered can vary from one online school to the next as it depends on the type of ultrasound certification exam you are preparing to take, ARDMS, ARRT, or CCI. Some of the most common courses offered by most online schools include


Introduction to ultrasound – Most online courses will begin with an introductory to ultrasound, which goes over many of the fundamental principles of ultrasound, such as the history of ultrasound, medical terminology, and clinical assessments.


Physics and instrumentation – This aspect of online ultrasound certification training covers sound waves, ultrasound waves, and other sounds synonymous with an ultrasound scan. Students will also learn Doppler techniques, which includes the principles associated with Doppler color flow imaging.


Obstetrical – This aspect of training will go over fetus development, ranging from fertilization to third-trimester development. During this aspect of training, students will learn to calculate gestational age, assess fetal structures, and diagnose potential birth complications.


Obviously, this list is not all-encompassing as there are several courses that an individual will have to take to prepare for an ultrasound technician certification exam. Nonetheless, after an individual completes all of the necessary course work and passes the ultrasound certification exam, they will be well on their way to starting their new career as an ultrasound technician.

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