How To Improve The Value Of Your Home

Increasing a home’s value is important whether homeowners want to sell or just live in an upgraded home. Value is the watchword in today’s world. Homeowners could jazz up a room simply by adding new hardware. A home always looks better with a fresh coat of paint. What is value, though, and how would a house benefit from it?

Value is in innovations that make a home comfortable and easy to run. Buyers, for example, look for a smart home using the Internet of Things or IoT. They look for a landscaped yard. Here are other things that constitute value in a home.

Tighten Windows And Doors

Experts recommend painting the front door, adding shutters or flower-filled window boxes, and washing the windows. They also recommend replacing windows and doors if the house is over ten years old. Buyers want to know their utility bills won’t rise due to leaky doors and windows.

This is an expensive undertaking. However, there are numerous tax credits and incentives for making a home energy-efficient with new doors and windows. The costs will lift the sales price.

Take Care Of The Siding

Power washing the dirt of years off the siding will not only make it like new again, but it will tell homeowners if it needs replacing. Loose or otherwise damaged siding is an open invitation to termites and critters. Buyers need to know the house is tight and undamaged.

The Kitchen Rules

The kitchen is still the heart of the house. A simple coat of paint on the cabinetry will raise the sales price of the house. Stainless steel appliances, quartz counter tops, added to ambient, task, and focus lighting will thrill buyers. Tile backsplashes, plenty of storage in an island or in shelving, as well as hard wood or stone flooring are also important in the kitchen.

When Is A Bathroom Not A Bathroom?

Today’s buyers want a spa, not a bathroom. Jetted tubs, rain showerheads, and pulsing jets in the shower are what buyers seek. Plenty of storage beneath cabinets and shelving also sell bathrooms.

Open Floor Plan

Today’s buyer wants to see the ball game, watch the kids, cook in the kitchen for guests, and talk all at the same time. If you have to knock out a wall or redesign the whole area, then it should be done. Buyers look for a dedicated space for their home office in this open floor plan.

Millennials are today’s buyers. Flex rooms are trending for them now. These spaces can be converted in a second to a home gym, a study for the kids doing homework, a media room, or game room.

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