How to Prevent Pests from Invading Your Storage Unit

Keeping your storage unit pest-free is largely the responsibility of your unit manager. However, what you store and how you store it can reduce the risk of damage. Review the tips below to make sure that you get your belongings back in good shape.

Plastic or Cardboard?

Store as much as possible in plastic bins. If you still have some things in cardboard, try to create a plastic barrier along the lowest rank of containers to keep mice from having access to your belongings. Also, don’t re-use cardboard from grocery stores as the smell can draw pests.

Use Pallets

No matter how careful your storage unit management team is, heavy rains and temperature changes may lead to moisture build-up in your storage unit. Be sure to set the bottom rank of your belongings up off the floor to keep your belongings protected from dampness or standing water. In the event of a local flood, be sure to check on your storage unit soon after.

Check Your Belongings Regularly

When you go to check on your storage unit, be sure to check any traps you may have set in the area. Remember that one dead mouse can create a terrible odor, so if you’re using killing traps, you will need to check the space frequently. Also, consider setting out natural repellents such as peppermint oil or cedarwood. Soaking a cotton ball in essential oil of either of these scents can greatly reduce your risk of damaging pests. Check along the walls and the doorway for mouse droppings and let your storage unit management team know immediately if you see any signs of infestation.

Wrap Your Upholstered Items

Create a plastic sheeting sleeve around soft goods and upholstered items. Make sure to elevate these items to reduce the risk of boring insects getting inside the cushions and laying their eggs. Also, cushions can draw rodents looking for nesting materials, so try to store soft goods high in the unit as well as wrapping them in plastic. If you’re using plastic bins for storage, you may be able to create a level platform and place cushions on top to deter rodents.

Finally, make sure you don’t have anything in your storage unit that can feed pests. This obviously includes not putting food in the unit. In addition, homemade Christmas decorations featuring flour and water handicrafts or decorative candies can also create a draw for pests. Carefully review everything you put in your storage bins to make sure it won’t be a temptation for bugs or rodents.

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