How To Select The Best Cigar For You

There are hundreds of different cigars out there, from simple smokes to luxurious ones that cost thousands of dollars. They all vary in their size, shape, and composition. Choosing between them can be a daunting task, but there is a process that you can follow to find the cigars that are best for you.

Start with Flavor

Flavor is the most important factor for most cigar fans. In most cases, you can get a good idea of the flavor by looking for reviews of the cigars that you are considering, or by checking their composition if no reviews are available.

There are no right or wrong choices here, since every person has their own tastes. Instead, you should look through all of the cigars that you have enjoyed at the past. You should find common flavor trends among them. Look for new cigars that share those traits to improve your chances of finding one that will delight you.

Look at their Composition

There are a lot of types of cigars because there are so many different types of tobacco that can fill them. You should look at the composition of each cigar that you are considering to help narrow down your options.

Start by looking at the color of the wrapper tobacco. In general, a dark wrapper will make the cigar just a little bit sweeter than a light wrapper. Look for binder leaves that blend well with the cigar’s wrapper. The filler leaves have the biggest impact on the flavor and deserve the most attention. They are also the most complex, so you must investigate the individual variety and type of processing to understand them. In general, fat cigars will have more complicated blends than thing ones because they have more leaves, but that is not always the case.

Check their Age

Some cigars can benefit from aging, but only if they are stored in the right conditions. You should check to see if any of the promising cigars have been aged. You should also try to estimate how long it will take to have the cigars shipped to you, or how long they have been on display in a store. If it has been a long time, you will need to verify their storage conditions to make sure they will be in good shape.

Consider the Price

Most people will also want to consider the price of the cigars when they are making their choice. You can often get great cigars at a low price if you shop around, so it is a good idea to be open to a wide range of prices. The key is knowing what you like, and then finding the cigars that provide the right flavor profile within your price range.

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