How Your Custom Home Building Company Can Benefit From Software

Construction is not like it was in the old days. The world of construction today does not only involve architects and builders, but lawyers, owner’s reps, inspectors, and third party engineers. Proper communication amongst each of these stakeholders can be tricky for the builder. Therefore, proper software can help.


Consider these 3 ways in which your custom home building company can benefit from software.


1. Protection from Liability


It is a sad fact, but a fact nonetheless, that when a mistake is made, people tend to point fingers rather than seek out the solution. When the finger pointing begins, it is good to have documented evidence of the progress of the project.


Software such as BuilderTrend, eSub, and Raken make it easy to organize pictures, make notes, and email reports daily to the stake holders of your project. This will serve as a great source of protection when liability is in question.


2. Communication Is Key


When it comes to pleasing the client on their project, communication is the key. Clients are often dissatisfied when they feel like they are out of the loop. Your project can be nearly perfect in its quality, but the client can still be dissatisfied with it. On the other hand, a project can have a lot of challenges, as custom homes often do, and the client completely satisfied. The difference is the level of communication.


Construction management software allows the client to see the daily reports, submit questions or concerns to the construction manager, and request additional information from the architect. The great thing of doing this through construction management software is that all stakeholders are involved in the communication together. This way, nothing is lost in translation.


3. Organize Project Financials


Really, there is no reason to build the home if you are not going to make a profit from it. Contractors go out of business daily because of mismanagement of the project financials. Considering all the moving pieces of a project budget, such as purchase orders, contracts, change orders, accounts payable, and account receivable, the confusion is completely understandable.


Construction management software, such as ViewPoint and ProCore, tracks project budgets against costs. Particularly helpful is the management software’s ability to continuously update projected costs against contracts, purchase orders, and change orders. Furthermore, construction management software tracks progress billings to the owner and progress payments to subcontractors.


The benefit of quality construction management software within your custom home building company cannot be overstated. It will help keep all the stake holders informed, protect you from liability, and keep your project financials in order.

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