Overcoming Failure and Lost: Favors You Get from Being Defeated

Many people have heard those famous quotes about failing over and over, getting up each time and finally succeeding. Coaches and business figures even say that the ability to overcome failure, loss, pain and still continue following your dreams is that feature that differentiates successful people from everyone else.

Indeed, every person fails at least once in their life. However, one could fail and get nothing from it but apathy and discouragement. Another one could fail and get important life lessons and come out of that experience stronger than they ever were before. It’s only personal attitude and perception that determines what you will get from failure. There are at least 8 favors that a loss could bring you:

    1. You can uncover your potential.
      Remember those stories where people under the influence of adrenaline are able to run faster, jump higher and think quicker? That’s what you can get from failing too. When your body and mind are stressed and overwhelmed, you can respond to a situation in the completely unusual ways that will uncover your true potential. But you need a trigger for that.
    2. You will find out who is who in your life.
      There are plenty of people around you, always. Some of those you call friends, others are colleagues, others are simply folks that you happen to know. It’s only when you are in trouble and need help and time invested in you, there is a chance to see who actually cares. That will help you transform your relationship and be with the right people.
    3. You will learn to ask for help.
      There is nothing bad or shameful in admitting that you need help and attention. Remember, you used to be the one giving help and you didn’t think bad of those people receiving it. It’s time for the roles to switch.
    4. You will learn to appreciate your success.
      Bad times help us recognize positive things. When it’s all ice-cream and unicorns, you don’t appreciate the warm glow of sun or the gentle wind on your cheek. But the happiest celebration comes when the darkest times finally cease to exist.
    5. You’ll come down to earth.
      A tough situation is a bitter pill that will help you come down to earth and stop being arrogant. Bad times and situations can happen with everyone, and forgetting about it is being arrogant. It’s worth remembering that arrogance is not going to make you happy.
  1. You will learn how to cope with different situations.
    Dealing with depression, mood swings, negativity, a dear one with depression, the loss will make you stronger. It will help you learn how to deal with bad things and help you grow personally and spiritually.
  2. You might try another option.
    People always ponder: “what if”. Sometimes those thoughts become so strong that it is impossible to concentrate and work on those things you need. What if your partner is with you only because you’re comfortable to stay with? What if your friends are not that happy to be around? What if would have been better off if you tried something else? Never left your full-time job? That’s your chance to stop wondering and check.
  3. You will get a chance to improve.
    It’s a tough lesson, but it’s a good lesson. Moreover, this is something you will never forget. This is your chance to become better, find something else to do, empower yourself, develop a new skill, start a new business. Don’t miss out on the new opportunities while weeping about the lost ones.

Remember that no matter how bitter and nasty things are now, everything will get sweeter later. If you treat a situation, a failure as a chance to improve, as an opportunity, you will also come out of it quicker and easier. Your experiences won’t be that traumatizing if you accept a challenge and follow its path instead of fighting and rejecting facts.