The Fashion Trend Everyone Should Carry Into The Summer

For many who grew up in the nineties, Steve Madden’s ubiquitous platforms were a fashion statement that defined the times. Although the shoes probably became famous due to their aesthetics, they also became popular because of the platform. Many women want a shoe that will make them feel taller—without all of the uncomfortableness of heels. Steve Madden platforms offer a few inches of height—minus all the pain.

The best part is that the brand isn’t limiting fans to just one kind of nineties sandal. Right now, two are being offered up through Urban Outfitters. The Slinky is such a perennial favorite and sensation that the brand has re-released it in pink, green, and black. The Contempo offers the flip-flop function that so many grew to know and love over the years. And although these shoes are great for the springtime, they’re even more appropriate for summer. They’re perfect for dressing up any outfit, and you can take them from the beach straight to an evening party.

There’s a reason why these shoes are selling like hotcakes. Those who had them back in the nineties undoubtedly remember how versatile they were, as well as how long they lasted. In fact, many have even voiced their regret for getting rid of these sensational sandals back in the nineties. And enough people made their opinions known so that the brand decided to resurrect the fabulous footwear. Not only will these sandals take you through summer, but you’ll probably hang onto them for the long haul. They’re the perfect shoes to slip on, whether you’re going on a walk with the dog or heading out for happy hour.

In an uncertain economy, these platforms are also a great investment. Of course, Steve Madden has historically been known for pricing his shoes relatively low. Unlike designer brands such as Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik, Madden’s shoes have always been sold at a price point that is agreeable for many of his customers. The latest release is no exception, and these slides can be scooped up for an unbelievably satisfying price. With so few barriers to owning them, women can feel free to purchase a couple of pairs. This time around, however, it would probably be advisable to hold onto the shoes for as long as possible. After all, it may be another two decades before Steve Madden releases these spectacular slides to the public again.

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