The Impact Antennas Have on Technology Industry

For many people today, antennas are associated with technology of the past. In many people’s minds they are connected to radio stations and old T.V. technology. There is good reason for this connection as well, as for some time antennas were the most common way to access television networks. As technology developed, however, antennas began to become more and more obsolete. Antennas began to increasingly fade out of the public eye as time went on.

That being said, antennas are beginning to rise again. According to this report by Shalini Ramamurthy, the global antenna market is projected to grow from 16.8 billion dollars in 2016 to 22.5 billion dollars in 2021. This is a large amount of growth in a relatively short amount of time. According to the report, smart antennas will account for the largest amount of growth in the antennas industry.

The question then arises as to how this interest even developed in the first place. How did antennas go from being an old piece of technology to a growing industry? The answer, according to Ramamurthy’s report, is that the antenna industry began to evolve itself. According to Ramamurthy, factors such as, ” [t]he evolution of cellular telephony with quantum increases in data transfer carrying abilities,” have sped up innovation in antenna development. While it may seem like there are limited uses for antennas, there are actually many useful contributions that antennas can and are making.

One such example of this, given in this article by Carl Weinschenk in IT Business Edge, are MIMO antennas. MIMO stands for Multiple In Multiple Out, and these types of antennas are an exciting development. In essence, as described by Weinschenk, these antennas can handle more than only one transmission. This in turn should lead to a better experience for the user. This is only one way that antennas are evolving and becoming more effective pieces of technology. In Weinschenk’s opinion, the innovation in this market is not showing signs of slowing down.

In the end, antennas have had a large impact on technology. Originally, antennas could be seen in many homes, often to pick up T.V. or radio stations. While it seemed, at least for a time, that antennas were an old piece of technology, there is again an increase in interest in them. Their rise in the market is due to several factors, such as smart antennas and technological developments in the field, such as MIMO antennas. These developments are some of the reasons why antennas are having an impact on the technology industry.

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