What To Bring Your First Time Freshwater Fishing

As one of the most challenging and enjoyable sports that a person can experience, it’s no secret that fishing is a truly wonderful hobby to pursue at any stage of life. Having the right equipment is always a good idea when freshwater fishing for the first time, so be sure that you’re adequately prepared for any issue that may arise before you head out on your big day. Here are just a few important things to bring on your first freshwater fishing trip, and why they can make a great first fishing experience even better.

1. A Selection of Flies or Bait
Depending on the style of fishing that you’ll be doing, you’ll want to make sure that you have a good selection of flies or bait materials before setting off on a fishing expedition. Fish are finicky eaters, and you’ll want to figure out what they’re biting on before creating a strategy for big catches.

2. First-Aid Equipment
Fishing may not be the most dangerous sport in the world, but you’ll soon discover that slippery banks or loose rocks on even the tamest streams can make a cut or twisted ankle a real possibility during a fishing trip. To avoid serious injury, always bring along a good first-aid kit on fishing expeditions. Chances are very slim that you’ll get hurt, but it’s always good to be prepared for any obstacle that you might encounter.

3. Good Tools
The tools you’ll need for a fishing excursion will vary depending on what you’re fishing for, but sometimes bringing along a good pair of pliers or a pocket knife can help with fish that get stuck on your line or hooks that get bent out of shape. A few good tools will also help in a pinch if you need minor repairs on your reel or fishing rod.

4. A Hat, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen
Even on cloudy days, it can be easy to get a bad case of sunburn during a fishing trip, and a hat and sunscreen can also help fishing fans avoid nasty burns. Light reflected off of water can be very hard on the eyes, so be sure to also pack your favorite pair of polarized sunglasses before setting out.

5. A Sense of Humor
There is a very good reason that personal qualities like humor and patience are seen as virtues in the fishing world: Even when you have the best equipment on the market, sometimes fish just don’t want to bite. Instead of getting frustrated when things don’t go your way, however, try remembering the other good things that a day out fishing can bring into your life: Often, the chance to relax and connect with nature can make even the slowest fishing expedition feel worth the effort.

For these reasons, a good first-time freshwater fishing trip can be one of the most relaxing and wonderful experiences that a person can have. And by bringing along the right equipment, a fishing trip can really create memories for a lifetime. Truly, that is fishing at its best!

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