What to Do if a Storm Damages Your Roof

Your roof is designed to protect your home and its contents when a severe storm strikes. In the process, however, a storm can cause serious damage to your roof. Older roofs or roofs that were already in poor condition may be more significantly impacted by a severe storm or more likely be damaged by a seemingly minor storm. However, even a new roof can be damaged by hail, strong winds and other harsh elements. If you believe that your roof has been damaged, walk through these steps to begin the repair process as soon as possible.

Assess the Damage Carefully
Initially, walk around the perimeter of your home to view the roof from the ground level. Look for buckling or bowing in the shingles, missing shingles and other types of visible damage. A roofing contractor should be called to your home to complete a thorough inspection from the roof level and to determine the full scope of the damage. However, your initial assessment may give you an indication about the need for emergency services.

Protect Your Home from Immediate Additional Damage
If your roof is missing large patches of shingles, you need immediate assistance to protect the home from additional damage. A roofer can cover the damaged areas of the roof with a special tarp so that rain, pests and other elements cannot get into your home. This may also protect the roof against additional wind damage in some cases. The tarp should remain in place until the repair work can begin. If many homes in your area have been damaged, it may take weeks or more for a roofer to have availability to complete your home’s repair work.

Contact Your Home Insurance Company 
Roof damage from a severe store is often covered by a basic homeowner’s insurance policy. You should contact your insurance company as possible to begin the claims process. The insurance company will send an adjuster to your home to inspect the damage. While the insurance company typically will provide you with referrals, you are not obligated to use a roofing company that they recommend in most cases. Even if your policy covers this type of roof damage, you will still need to pay your deductible. Therefore, prepare your finances for this expense.

Even minor roof damage is a serious matter that requires prompt attention. In order to function properly and protect your home and occupants as designed, the roof’s full integrity must remain intact. If you believe that your roof may have been damaged by severe weather recently, begin walking through these steps to deal with the damage immediately and to protect your home from additional damage.

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