Why Flying Private Always Beats Flying 1st Class Commercial

Flying private is something most people never consider, but an option that offers a variety of benefits while traveling. Make your next trip the best trip by flying private. Read on to learn all the many reasons flying private beats flying first class commercial.

1. Choose Your Preferred Cuisine

One of the most popular benefits of flying with a private aircraft is the freedom to choose one’s preferred cuisine. Say goodbye to standard in-flight offerings like nuts and soda. Instead, flying private will give you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite meal while aboard. You’ll be served everything from your favorite tea to a five-course meal–it’s all up to you.

2. Land Close to Your Destination

Say goodbye to having to find a ride to your destination from the airport. When flying private, you’ll have the opportunity to land closer to the destination. Instead of having to taxi into a crowded airport, your private jet can avoid traffic and land at a small private airfield or airport.

3. Avoid Lengthy Layovers

Layovers are the bane of many travelers’ existence. Thankfully, when traveling on a private aircraft, you’ll be able to avoid these layovers. Whether you have an important meeting to get to or simply hate wasting several hours between flights, flying private ensures you get from point A to point B as soon as possible.

4. Bring Your Pet Aboard

When flying with a typical airline, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll never be able to travel with your pet sitting right next to you. In most cases, airlines require that pets spend their in-flight time in cargo. If you want to make sure your pet has an enjoyable travel experience, flying private will guarantee that they get a seat right next to you.

5. Choose the Aircraft and Interior

Tired of being cramped between other passengers as you try to squeeze yourself into your seat? Choosing to fly private gives you the opportunity to travel in luxury. On a private aircraft, you’re able to choose the interior and what aircraft you want to fly in. This gives you the opportunity to choose something as comfortable and spacious as you want to ensure you have a truly enjoyable flight.

Travel by private aircraft is miles ahead of travel with commercial airlines. Don’t settle for an unenjoyable flight again. Keep these benefits in mind the next time you’re deciding between flying first class commercial and booking with a private aircraft.

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