Why Your Company Should Have A College Advisor

A company wanting to hire students right out of the end of their college career is looking to make sure that they are hiring with a specific major in mind. Virtual advisors are necessary for attracting and retaining important talent. Some companies could target Business-to-business as a way of finding human resources departments willing to hire people out of a specific school. A company with a virtual college advisor in its employ is able to scour the market for good employee leads because some companies could offer educational financial solutions for those who cannot get a scholarship or a free ride from family.

It would seem that by 2025, two-thirds of jobs would require education beyond high school, although currently the US is expected to face a shortfall of 11 million workers with specific types of skill.

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The new student majority is making an impact on college campuses by being first-generation college students, students from low-income backgrounds, part-time enrolled students, and students who are raising children. Companies cannot make their choice of an employee on grades and test scores only, because there is more to hiring an employee than that.

There is a necessity for personalized recruitment strategies, using data-driven intelligence. Having a virtual college advisor at the company looking to recruit specific kinds of employees is an advantage in today’s economy. In 2017, only 28% of high schools had college counseling staff, according to the National Association For College Admission Counseling.

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There were more students per one counselor, with only 38 minutes of counseling provided to each student. College counseling at present seeks to level the college counseling playing field. With the Internet available, kids can search for colleges in their pajamas, as well as have a face-to-face chat with a college counselor in their living rooms.


Students can now find a virtual college counselor on a directory of sorts while building a potential college list because students can schedule a counseling session with a counselor, or log in and see who is around for an immediate chat in the present to have a big-picture discussion with. Given that students have a list of college requirements, they can rate counselors who are paid $50 for every session they hold. Online advice is a proven venue to help a student piece together a college career. Online advice is the wave of the future, and easier to get.

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